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Corvette 4st ACT Fretless Colored Satin

Corvette 4st ACT Fretless Colored Satin



・Warwick Teambuilt Pro Series Corvette Ash

・4-string electric bass


・34" (864 mm) longscale scale length

・Swamp Ash body

・Bolt-on construction

・Ovangkol neck

・Tigerstripe ebony fingerboard

・20" radius

・24 positions

・Just-A-Nut III Tedur nut

・Nut width 38.5 mm / 1.5"

・Active MEC J/J pickups

・Active MEC 2-band electronics

・Controls for Volume P/P / Balance / Treble / Bass stacked

・Warwick machine heads

・Warwick 2-Piece 3D Bridge and Tailpiece

・String spacing 19 mm / 3/4"

・Distance E to G string 57 mm / 2 1/4"

・Warwick security locks

・Warwick Black Label Strings (40200 M) .045"-.105"

・Chrome hardware

・incl. Warwick Pro Series User Kit (RB PROD WGPS TOOL CO)

・incl. Starline RockBag (RB 20505 STARLINE)

・Made in Germany

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